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Hello, Voyager!
I am Mary Maude!!
Meet Mary MaudeI have traveled many enchanted pathways, and have come to this place known as Elsewhere
As of yet, I have not reached my destination.
I see the stars and the moon, as my light of which to guide me along the Path
I see the trees as A Source of Life in which to give me strength
I see the Herbs of which I use, to heal my body here.
I am walking along the silvery path which winds down a darkened road.
I continue my Journey and break for Solitude
I have come thus far, by my need of better understanding.
I feel the elements around me
That which teaches me, guides me.
If only but another day, may our meeting be Merry
What our travels will teach us is unknown, but our memories of them, are untouched.
I am not here to ensue the passions which drive me, but to better understand them, and create from them.
The world around me, is that of learning, and that of commitment.
I hold not, what is evil, but embrace what is good.
The deeper realm, of what is to be,
comes into my life, with a reality of knowing what is inside me.
That which I have tolerated thus fuar,
has created all that is inside me.
My joy, my sorrow, my inner self,
cannot be measured my mere mortals.
That which is inside me, has become what I am..
12 times I see that which is the road to Elsewhere.
Come with me into my world.